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Ethical Property Europe

Ethical Property Europe is a unique initiative in ethical investment. We buy properties and develop them as centres that bring NGO's, social companies, community and campaign groups together under one roof where they can share skills and ideas. Our Mundo centres become focal points for social change.

Organizations in our centres benefit from affordable rents, flexible tenancy terms and office space and facilities designed to meet their needs. The centres are also managed to minimise energy use, waste, car travel and harmful materials.

The company's investors gain the security of a property-based investment that moreover contributes to social change.

The company currently operates five Mundo centres in Belgium, and is in the process of raising capital to start up more centres in the country. In the long-term we aim to build a network of centres across Europe, together with our sister-companies in the UK and France (see Ethical Family).


How it all started

Ethical Property Europe started in 2008 as a result of a coalition of Belgian environmental NGOs who wanted to acquire and renovate a building to move their offices under one same roof, and which would reflect their image. They collectively grouped under the umbrella of a coop, Maison du Développement Durable SCRL. Ethical Property Europe was born simultaneously. Through their collaborative efforts, they identified, purchased and refurbished Mundo-b, Ethical Property Europe's first centre, on the edge of the European quarter in Brussels. 

The centre opened in May 2009, after a 15-months long refurbishment. In 2010 a second centre opened its doors, Mundo-n in Namur. In 2014 Ethical Property Europe opened Mundo-j, a second centre in Brussels. In December 2018, the first centre in Flanders was established: Mundo-a in Antwerp. And finally, in the beginning of 2019, Ethical Property purchased a new property in Brussels to create the 5th centre: Mundo-madou. The building will be renovated in 2019-2020. 

Outside Belgium, Ethical Property Europe invested in a similar initiative in France, Étic. In the long term we aim to build a network of centres across Europe.


Our mission

Ethical Property is an international family of organisations with the common aim of making the best use of property for society and the environment. We work to define what Ethical Property means, to demonstrate it in action and inspire others to put it into practice.

The aim of the company is to pioneer property investment with genuine social, environmental and financial returns and to strengthen and facilitate the work of the social change sector by providing fair and affordable rents and services to organisations working to achieve social change.

The work of the company is first and foremost driven by the ethical values shared by our shareholders and our Board of Directors. Decisions on operations and governance of the company always include careful consideration of the ethical, social and environmental consequences of our actions, and we will always consider these as equally important to the financial results of our work.

Our accounts, which are published annually and can be read in full in our Annual Reports, are divided into social, environmental and financial accounts, making Ethical Property a company with a genuine, honest and transparent triple bottom line (the People-Planet-Profit principle).

Those who invest in us have consistently proved to us their willingness to support not only a financially successful company, but also one which puts ethical values at its core.

Tenant satisfaction is considered by our staff as the most important part of their work, and the driving force behind the flexible, friendly and open way we work with our tenants.

As the company grows, maintaining our core values is of particular importance especially in a changing economic climate. The company's Board of Directors attributes particular importance to safeguarding the ethicality of the Ethical Property family. This is governed by a set of principles called the Quintessentials, which prescribe the ethical standards that all members of the Ethical Property family are expected to live up to.


Our team

Frédéric Ancion

Managing director
Management of the EPE company
Development in Belgium and abroad
02 894 4662

Peter Dirkx

Operations Director
General supervision of the Mundo centres operations
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Lionel Selleslagh

Technical Manager
Technical managment of the Mundo centers
02 894 46 62
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Marie Laure De Hemptinne

Communication, administration and management officer
Assistant of the operations director
02 894 4604

Eline Vander meiren

Marketing & communication
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