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CONCORD is looking for a Director


 The Director of CONCORD leads a team of excellent staff that, on various issues, is tasked to influence the European Union. The successful candidate will be the leader of the widest network of NGOs in Europe, bringing the skills to manage the CONCORD Secretariat, as well as to prepare and lead high level discussions with the Board and General Assembly. The ideal person would bring his/her own wide network and NGO experience, moreover he/she would forge together the knowledge of the CONCORD network members and lead the debates in which clear opinions and positions are formed, as well as guide the focus for the staff and individual members. The purpose is to facilitate the participation and leadership of the Member Organisations in the work and life of CONCORD and defend the interests of NGOs in the areas of EU international cooperation policies and funding based on Board and General Assemblys orientations. Overall, to manage the affairs of CONCORD and its Secretariat and represent CONCORDs interests in all appropriate fora.

Director Key Responsibilities

- Facilitation of the Confederation 
Ensure strong relationships with Members (playing an active personal role in this) and foster their active participation in CONCORD in accordance with their diverse needs and capacities. 
Initiating and supporting the development of strategic alliances with stakeholders outside CONCORD. 
Maintain awareness of the Members activities, achievements, challenges and priorities through continuous close communications with them. Identify opportunities for and provide inspiring leadership to the cooperation and partnership of Members in pursuit of their shared goals and objectives. 
Have overall oversight of CONCORDs external profile, recognising and creating opportunities for engagement and ensuring the most appropriate individuals are leveraged in all external engagements. 
Implement the CONCORD work plan through collaborative action among Member Organizations & institutions; catalyze, influence and mobilize support for collaborative action. Relationship with the Board and Assembly 
Ensure that the Board is supported to deliver its responsibilities to lead the Confederation; 
Propose key strategic and policy options for adoption by CONCORD and its political structures in coordination and consultation with the President and Board members and in accordance with General Assembly/Board mandate. 
Promote and coordinate 
- with the staff in the Secretariat 
- the activities of the working structures of the Confederation. 
Plan and prepare the General Assemblies and Board Meetings, organize and implement directives with the staff of the secretariat 
Report on the progress and functioning of the programme of work to the Board and the General Assembly. Representation 
Will work closely with NGOS represented in the CONCORD, especially with the Board and General Assembly (GA) to advocate the interests of the NGOS on various levels (ex. at the EU, but also at other European, UN, and country levels). 
Be a strong representative of the NGOs interests, fed by the input from its members, the Board and GA, and know how to influence from platforms on which the CONCORD voice will be heard. 
Undertake representation at the European Institution with strong knowledge and influencing skills bringing the relevant NGO sector issues to the EU after excellent collaboration and discussion with the Board and GA. 
Be viewed as an authority on behalf of the NGO sector and a trusted person to represent them. Leadership and Management of the Secretariat 
Lead the work of the Secretariat and inspire the participation and leadership of the Member Organisations in the work and life of CONCORD; 
Maintain and manage the Secretariat in order to elaborate and achieve the objectives set out in the Strategic Plan and annual work plans and in accordance with the annual budget. Implement and supervise the administrative & financial management and audit in consultation with the Treasurer and the Administrative & Financial Manager. 
Ensure that the Secretariat is adequately resourced to fulfill its objectives and play an active role in income generation. 
Ensure that the financial and legal affairs of CONCORDs Secretariat are adequately managed and ensure that all legal and contractual obligations are properly fulfilled in due time. Prepare project and program applications. Person Specification Essential 
Strongly committed to civil society as a collective force for positive change, with understanding of what makes civil society organisations legitimate and effective 
Experienced at navigating the complex architecture of the EU and positive about the opportunities for furthering the aims of CONCORDs Members within Europe 
A successful manager of people and financial resources, with a strong track record of giving leadership and direction and ensuring the team functions effectively 
Someone who knows when to foster the leadership of Members and when to take the lead 
Have a deep understanding of the third sector / civil society sector across different contexts, and a clear strategic vision for how the sector can play its most effective role in different societies in changing times 
Experienced at organisational representation at a high and multi-lateral level 
A skilled communicator, negotiator, and influencer, able to respect and where possible resolve differences, and to drive consensus among the membership where it is necessary to maximise impact 
A mediator and networker, able to build coalitions within and between the membership, and with political groupings, national / multi-national bodies and governments 
Able to develop and gain acceptance for policy analysis and recommendations 
Absolute fluency in written and spoken English and with a good working knowledge of at least one other language 
An EU citizen or with existing eligibility to live and work in the EU Desirable 
Experienced in operating within a confederate style network or partnership of organisations with a commonly shared purpose but with very broad cultural and organisational diversity 
Aware of current issues and trends in development across the sectors represented by the members 
Strong command of French and/or Spanish 

All correspondence, at this stage, should be via Oxford HR. To apply for this post, click on the Apply button in the job advert page and complete our online application form. Please provide a CV and Cover Letter in ONE single document, which should be prepared before applying as they will be requested in the application process. The statement should be no more than 2 pages long and explain why you are interested in this post and how your skills and experience make you a good fit. The document should be saved in MS Word in the following format: Your First NameYour Last Name-Document Name-Date (yymm) e.g: Pat-Jones CVandStatement-1808. Timeline Closing date: Preliminary interviews: Final Panel Interviews: Equality Statement Equality and diversity is at the core of CONCORDs values. Staff are expected to work collectively and individually to promote a constructive and sensitive approach to others from a variety of backgrounds, where the work of others is valued and respected. Selection Process All candidates will receive feedback. Shortlisted candidates may be required to undertake an additional assessment prior to the final interview. Queries If you have any queries on any aspect of the appointment process, need additional information, or would like to have an informal discussion, please email concord@ in the first instance