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Vétérinaires sans Frontières is hiring a Director of Operations.

Internally VSF-B is in a process of change, where we are aiming to reach a certain operational volume and as well as a status where the organization is regarded as indispensable in its specific niche as an International NGO in the domain of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance. Over the last years a lot has been achieved, but at current VSF-B is, because of this in a state of permanent, controlled transformation.

 At current the organization is undergoing a growth spurt. This is linked to the wish we have to meet the pre-conditions that enable us to cover the, what we think, should be our operational scope.

 For VSF-B, the position of Director of Operations is completely new. The DO will be first staff member in this particular position: challenges are therefore exciting and will demand all the attention and creativity  of the DO.

Please find our job offer in attachment.



Monday 20 january 2020