Ethical Property


Experienced web developer / designer available for volunteering work

I'm an experienced web developer and designer wishing to volunteer a few hours a week to help non-profit organisations with any web-related needs they may have. I have experience building and maintaining successful websites for small and large organisations using different technologies. You can find out more about me and get in touch at
Things I can help you with :
  • Provide technical advice about your online communication across all channels.
  • Create simple websites (for example for an event).
  • Debug / fix a problem you have on your current website.
  • Provide a neutral technical input on an offer / contract you may be considering (I have no dog in this fight as I am not employed by an agency and I am not looking for work).
Things I will NOT help you with :
  • Fixing your computer : not my thing.
  • Replacing your web developer / designer / webmaster. If you have the needs and ressources for a web specialist in your team, you should hire one and retribute them fairly. I do not wish to take anyone's job.
  • Updating your website with content : see point #1.
  • If you are astroturfing in any way or you are NOT a non-profit, please do not contact me as I have no interest in doing free work for you.